Salvage Finds That Make an Architectural Statement

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Salvage Finds That Make an Architectural Statement

By Natalie Myers, Houzz

There was a time when architectural salvage materials could be found for very little money, offering great savings along with a layer of uniqueness. Now that more architectural salvage yards are open to the public and more people appreciate the history and texture that architecturally salvaged materials bring to their homes, retailers are also offering salvage style at a premium. The appeal of salvaged materials is that they can be made to conform to any style, from traditional to modern. And there is still plenty of potential for savings and a special touch if you can think outside the box.

Susan Teare, Professional Photographer, original photo on Houzz

This is a stunning mix of an antique look with a modern interior. Although the wood stove looks antique, it is actually new. The floor is reclaimed wood from a variety of species. The spiral staircase and blue kitchen cupboard are indeed architectural salvage. Who would have guessed?

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Margeaux Interiors – Margaret Skinner, original photo on Houzz

A salvaged door, perhaps from an office or a bygone era of residential building, would make quite a first impression. The weathered appeal of wood is inviting and warm.

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Smaller doors can be repurposed into cabinet fronts.

Eclectic Kitchen, original photo on Houzz

Appliances that were made to last can be used decades later. An old stove range with an ultramodern hood, minimalist cabinets and concrete floors make for an unforgettable mix in the kitchen.

Jane Kim Design, original photo on Houzz

Old window casings make for awesome mirror frames. Think big after seeing this salvaged copper window casing used as a vanity frame.

Maureen Rivard Fawcett Design, original photo on Houzz

Antique molding can be applied to any door or window frame. Take your door or window measurements with you to the salvage yard to find pieces just the right size.

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Dreamy Whites, original photo on Houzz

An old mantel can be spruced up and given a new life as a stunning headboard. You can display knickknacks, store books or even place small reading lamp on the shelf above your head.