What Do You Think of Rechargeable Tool Packages?

Reader Contribution by Troy Griepentrog

I’ve recently started testing the Power 8 Workshop. This 18-volt rechargeable tool package includes a circular saw, drill/driver, jigsaw and flashlight. The setup includes two batteries and the charging station. But the thing that really sets this package apart is that you can attach the power tools to a small table (it also functions as a toolbox) to make a small table saw, drill press and scroll saw.

I haven’t tested the tabletop features yet, but I’ve drilled pilot holes for screws and driven up to 3-inch screws with the drill/driver. The keyless chuck is convenient. The batteries recharge quickly; I haven’t had to stop working to wait for a fresh battery.

The blade of the circular saw is to the left of the handle — an important safety feature that most saws don’t have. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but it’s a good feature. The saw cuts just deep enough to get through a 2-by-4. Sometimes it leaves a sixteenth inch of wood at the bottom of the cut. Cutting dry cedar 1-by-6s was easy.

Have you seen similar rechargeable tool packages or tried the Power 8 Workshop? How do you like them?