Painting a Beehive

Reader Contribution by The Surrey Beekeeper
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Well, finally we have some good weather here in the UK and I am back from a holiday to face some painting jobs…..I have some beehives to paint!

I thought I would just detail a few tips I have received over time. Firstly we have been painting beehives for many years and despite opinions bees will cope with most paints as long as you  only paint the outside. However some paints, I believe, are better than others. Personally, I use Sadolin paint despite the fact that it is a little bit more expensive. Apparently over time it fades rather than breaks off if that makes sense. Secondly and perhaps most importantly, it has no odour which is better for the bees.

I have also found a unique way of quickly painting the hives using a various array of ladders and poles.

Essentially the difficulty I have always found is painting all sides at once without making a mess of it. Wherever you lay the hives down they stick together or you have to leave one side not painted. Using the pole you can rotate the hive around as you paint it. A great resolution.

In terms of colour I always prefer white as it reflects the sun in summer and prevents the hive from getting too hot. Also please remember to only paint the exterior…..never the interior!

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