Make Your Own Loom

Why buy when you construct a low-cost portable loom using this step-by-step guide to suit your DIY weaving needs.

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In Little Loom Weaving (Ulysses Press, 2017) by Andreia Gomes, she utilizes her background as an interior designer to teach unique techniques on weaving for those just starting out and for those who have been weaving for years. Her book has everything you need to create trendy and timeless woven pieces on a small, portable loom.

When I started my journey through weaving, I didn’t wanted to invest in a professional loom to learn the basics. I searched online and realized that I could easily make my own loom at home without spending much. I started with a cardboard loom, using just a piece of reused cardboard, tape, and a cutter. After I learned the basic stitches, I realized I needed a more stable and resistant frame to work that was at the same time portable and easy to use. I made my own frame loom, and now I will teach you how to make yours.


• 30 x 40-inch (76 x 100-centimeter) wooden canvas frame
• Ruler
• Pencil
• 52 1-inch (2-1/2 centimeter) nails
• Small hammer
• Yarn for warping
• Scissors

Difficulty level: Beginner


1. On the short side of the frame, mark a 1/2 inch (approximately 1 centimeter) margin toward the inside of the frame with the help of a ruler and a pencil.

person holding a ruler to the corner of a plain wooden picture frame and making a mark with a pencil one centimeter inside of the interior edge

2. Then, starting from your initial marking, mark every 1/2 inch across the top of your frame.

person using a ruler to mark dots with a pencil one inch apart across the top of a wooden picture frame

3. Hammer one nail into every spot you marked with your pencil.

person holding a hammer and nail putting nails along dots marked on a wooden picture frame

4. Repeat steps one to three on the bottom of your frame.

wooden picture frame angled to show one half with nails along the edge

wooden picture frame with the two short sides having nails in straight rows

5. Grab the yarn and start warping your homemade loom. Start at the bottom left of your loom and tie a double knot on the first nail. Carry the thread up to the top of the loom, over and around the first nail, and back down again to the next nail on the bottom of the loom. Continue this process until you reach the last nail on the bottom of your loom. Use the scissors to cut the yarn. Tie a double knot in the end.

person holding white yarn wrapping it around nails on the ends of a wooden picture frame as a loom

You have just made a frame loom in about half an hour and without spending almost anything!

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This excerpt is reprinted with permission from Little Loom Weaving by Andreia Gomes, published by Ulysses Press, 2017.

book cover with a circular weaving project being worked on by a woman's hands, a woven plant basket, a woven necklace, and woven patterned flat cloths

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