Make a Garden Hose Holder

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This handy homemade garden hose hanger can hold a sprinkler, too.
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The finished garden hose hanger.

Here’s a handy contraption designed by John Gurzo of Farmingdale, New Jersey. It’s a garden hose holder, complete with space for storing a sprinkler attachment, made from a plastic bucket, an assortment of bolts, a 10″ × 20″ piece of 1/2″ plywood, and a scrap of 2 × 4.

John used a clean, empty five-gallon container (it had once held joint compound), cut two 10″-diameter circles from the plywood and–after placing one disk inside and one outside the bottom of the pail–clamped them together with four 1 1/2″ bolts, mounted the reinforced bucket to one end of a 24″ length of 2 × 4, using two 1/4″ × 4″ bolts (see photo), and then attached the free end of the 2 × 4 to the side of his porch with two more 1/4″ × 4″ bolts.

It was surely simple to build, and it looks pretty darned effective!