Macrame a Hanging Cradle

Keep your baby nearby with a macrame cradle.

| November/December 1976

Before building this project, read the safety note in the comments section of this article. Lining the finished cradle with fabric stitched to the macrame rope will increase safety.— MOTHER

Tired of awkwardly designed, overpriced nursery goods? "You don't have to put up with them," says Mark White of Kodiak, Alaska. And Mark should know. Because he (and wife Karen) designed and made the beautiful cradle you see here... at as cost of little more than a couple of dollars.

The months-long waiting period prior to the birth of our first child was a joyful time for us . . . and part of its magic lay in the many preparations we made for our baby's arrival. Among the first of those preparations was our construction of a macramed, hanging baby cradle.

We'd looked at some of the space-eating monstrosities offered by the makers of mass-produced cribs . . . and—sad to say—we found their wares entirely impractical. For what we wanted was a cradle that'd be [1] lightweight, [2] compact, and [3] collapsible for easy storage . . . and we certainly hadn't found these qualities in any of the items we'd seen.

Then too, we wanted our firstborn's bed to be soft and warm and comfortable, to give the child a feeling of security. Somehow, plywood headboards and prison-like bars didn't give us that feeling.

Our thinking on cradles was influenced by something else, too: We wanted our baby to sleep as close to our bed as possible, so Karen could—if need be—respond to the infant's cries by lifting him/her right into bed with us.

jeremy r
3/22/2011 9:34:34 PM

I was excited to make this cradle, but when I started looking at pricing on the rope/cord, I was amazed at how expensive it is. I certainly didn't find any for less than $2.00 as stated in your article. Any suggestions?

12/14/2009 2:44:10 PM

From Martin Miranda: I consider the cradle shown here to be a death trap. The sides are made of macrame and a baby can get strangled in it. I love the concept because it will allow a mother to bring it with her when she goes to the park or for a visit to relatives. However, a side of canvas will still allow portability while keeping the baby safe. The outsides of the canvas can be decorated with painted baby themes as long as lead is not in the ingredients, or some embroidery can be made on it so the baby will enjoy the colors.

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