Infused Herb Vinegar Gifts

Anne Vassal shares the idea for inexpensive, homemade infused herb vinegar gifts, perfect for the holiday season.

| December 2001/January 2002

Learn how to make affordable infused herb vinegar gifts for the holidays.

Learn how to make affordable infused herb vinegar gifts for the holidays.


Make an infused herb vinegar gift for easy, homemade Christmas presents everyone will appreciate.

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Infused Herb Vinegar Gifts

These are great gifts even for the non-cook since you've saved them time by flavoring the vinegar. Print simple recipes on small cards and tie them to the bottle so the recipient knows what to do with the vinegars. And even if they don't use the vinegar, at least you've given them a lovely decoration for their kitchen.

I try to make a few jars of herb vinegars in the fall, before the garden freezes, for my kitchen and to give as gifts — but you also can buy herbs at the supermarket. Once you have the ingredients, the preparation time on these bottles is about 20 minutes.

Recycled narrow jars and bottles (not large)
Corks for lids, if needed
fresh herbs, garlic, ginger, hot peppers
Vinegar — red or white wine, champagne or rice (seasoned)
Thin ribbon or gold cord
Thick paper or unlined 3 1/2 — 5-inch index cards

Approximate Cost
Corks: $2
Herbs and vinegars: Under $15
Ribbon, etc.: $3

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