How to Tie a Slipped Overhand Knot

Tie this slipped overhand knot in five easy steps. This knot is perfect for securing a line to a bar or post.

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Many people find this an almost instinctive way to form a loop that tightens under load — a slip knot. It’s clearly based on the Overhand Knot and is an easy way to attach a line to a post or bar. To undo the knot, pull the sliding part back using the short end.

Slipped Overhand Knot

1. Form a crossed loop in the line so that the left part lies over the right.

person forming a crossed loop with a white rope

2. Pass a bight of line from the left-hand part up through the loop.

person pulling the end of a rope through a loop

3. Push more line up through the loop to increase the size of the bight.

person pulling a loop through a looped circle of white rope

4. The bight now becomes a sliding loop and can be adjusted to the required size, while the Overhead Knot formed in the working end needs to be pulled tight to finish the knot.

person pulling a knotted rope taut with a loop on one end

Knots in Action: The completed Slipped Overhand Knot ready for the loop to be dropped over a post or other fixed object, before the knot is slid up.

person holding a rope knotted in a slipped overhand knot

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Reprinted with permission from The Knot Tying Bible: Climbing, Camping, Sailing, Fishing, Everyday by Colin Jarman and published by Firefly Books, 2013.

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  • Originally Published on Nov 19, 2013
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