How to Tie a Neck Halter Knot

Tie this neck halter knot yourself in six easy steps.

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With more than 60 how-to instructions for knots, bends, and hitches, The Knot Tying Bible (Firefly Books, 2013) is the perfect reference for when you need to get the job done. Author Colin Jarman has over 40 years of experience as a professional sailing writer and photographer. The excerpt is taken from “Agricultural Knots.”

The Neck Halter can be tied and then dropped over the animal’s head, or tied to fit around the neck. The method shown here pre-ties the loop. To tie the halter around an animal’s neck, first form the Figure-Eight Knot then pass the end of the rope around the animal’s neck, down through the Figure-Eight Knot and finish with an Overhand Knot.

Neck Halter Knot

1. To pre-tie the halter, start by putting an Overhand Knot in the end of the rope.

person holding a rope with a small knot tied near the end

2. Now form the loop in the line, then take the working end back across the standing part.

person making a loop with a rope

3. Form a second loop to create the Figure-Eight.

person forming a figure 8 with a rope

4. Push a loop of the rope through the first part of the Figure-Eight.

person pushing a loop through a figure 8 in a rope

5. Work the Figure-Eight tight around the sliding part of the loop.

person tightening a knot on a rope

Knots in Action: To complete the Neck Halter, pull on the loop so that the Overhead Knot settles against the Figure-Eight Knot. The Neck Halter is suitable for use on horses, cows, and other animals. It provides a fixed loop, which is adjustable once it has been formed, by moving the Overhand Knot.

completed neck halter knot

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Reprinted with permission from The Knot Tying Bible: Climbing, Camping, Sailing, Fishing, Everyday by Colin Jarman and published by Firefly Books, 2013.