How to Build Raised Beds for Next to Nothing

| 6/10/2016 10:42:00 AM

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Hand Built Raised Garden Beds

Raised beds can make gardening easy for a number of reasons. They warm up faster in the spring, they are easier to weed and maintain, and they give a garden a nice, organized look. Also, the soil does not get compacted because you do not need to walk on the soil around the plants.

Almost any gardening center or home-improvement warehouse-type store carries raised-bed kits or treated lumber that can be used to build raised beds.

However, one way to have the raised beds you want for next to nothing — or free — is to look for free lumber.

This can be found in a number of places. Some of the best wood for raised beds are old fence boards. Search through community buy-and-sell websites for anyone in your area who is rebuilding a fence and is giving away their old fence boards, or someone who is throwing out scrap lumber from a construction project.

A good size for raised beds is about 12 inches high, 2 or 3 feet deep and about 5 or 6 feet long. As old fence boards are generally around 6 inches wide and 5 or 6 feet long, they are ideal for this project.

3/14/2018 12:52:55 PM

I found it less useful than flatlanders might. I guess I understand some of the appeal of raised beds in flat areas that don't really need them. I personally prefer the look of in-ground gardens. But those of us who contend with slopes (there is no level land on my property) necessarily have raised beds because the option is to see all the wonderfully enriched soil we're created flow out of the bed before the next season. And when you're dealing with the elements that make raised beds a necessary, the process is a whole lot more complicated and more laborious.

2/16/2018 4:45:20 PM

Not may 2X6's around here. Also the fence board aren't much for quality. They break pretty easily. Better double them.

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