Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

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Paper Mojo (papermojo.com) offers a wide selection of beautiful, tree-free, handmade papers that make lovely reusable giftwrap. Decorating with ornaments such as these Mini Snowflakes—made of sustainably harvested Wisconsin wood—from Etsy shop TimberGreenWoods (shop.timbergreenwoods.etsy.com) and bits of nature made for a lovely waste-free gift.
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This supersimple but lovely cinnamon stick wreath smells wonderful. Bonus: It’s incredibly easy to make!
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Culinary oils infused with herbs and spices make a gourmet gift that can add instant flavor to salad dressings, roasted vegetables and pizzas.
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For the cost of five bags of beans and some spices you can get four really personal gifts. Blogger Cassie Johnston of offers a recipe for Vegetarian Five Bean Soup Mix plus cute, downloadable cooking instruction labels on her website.
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These tasty but medicinal tummy-soothing ginger chews are easier to make than you might imagine.
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Beautiful holiday decor makes a perfect hostess gift—your recipient can make use of it all season, then toss the cut greens in the yard or compost bin.
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Don’t let the perfume industry have all the fun when it comes to creating amazing scents. At the blog Sweet Tea Apothecary, you can find in-depth instructions to be “inducted into the secret society of perfumers.”
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Beets produce a fabulous pink lip tint.
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Gifting a kid who loves to cook? Consider these supersimple aprons made out of vintage placemats, from the excellent blog and online pattern shop Made.
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Made with thrift store forks, recycled can lids, a hammer and some letter stamps, these cute plant markers are incredibly easy to make.
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Jane Kohlenstein of the blog Buzzmills offers a printable pattern for this adorable Raccoon Eye Pillow made from fabric scraps. Fill it with dried lavender buds with flax seeds or rice for a soothing eye pillow.
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Few things could be easier than mixing up a jar of homemade bath salts. If rosemary isn't to your choosing, swap out the essential oil with lavender for relaxation, citrus for energy, or cinnamon and fir for warming.
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For just $2 each and in less than 5 minutes, blogger Laura Russell of Make Life Lovely! transformed some old Mason jars, Epsom salt and a few craft-store trees into an adorable piece of decor.
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Spice rubs can turn a basic piece of fish or meat into a true culinary experience—they also make great customizable gifts!
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Spicy cocktail nuts satisfy the sweet tooth without tons of sugar. Plus they deliver good fats, protein and fiber.
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Dryer balls make a lovely and practical gift. Whip up a few of these DIY dryer balls, then box up three with a bottle of your favorite essential oil for a heartfelt, handmade gift your recipient can use for years to come.

Gift-giving shouldn’t be about how much money we spend, but rather about choosing thoughtful gifts our loved ones can use to create a happier, healthier and more beautiful life. Nothing could be more in keeping with the spirit of the season than sitting down to create personalized gifts for each person on our list. We searched our favorite books, blogs and websites to put together this collection of delightful projects for everyone on your list–the modern homemaker, gardener, beauty maven or gourmand.

Homemade Gifts for the Home & Garden

DIY Snow Globe
Cinnamon Stick Wreath
Homemade Dryer Balls
DIY Holiday Swag
Recycled Can Lid Plant Markers

Homemade Health & Beauty Gifts

Rosemary Bath Salts
Homemade Medicinal Tea Blends
Raccoon Eye Pillow
Homemade Pink Lip Tint
Homemade Perfume Oil
Homemade Ginger Chews
Use Essential Oils to Make Homemade Gifts

Homemade Food Gifts

Homemade Herb-Infused Culinary Oils
Spicy Cocktail Nuts
Vegetarian Five-Bean Soup Mix
Basic Spice Rub Recipes
Placemat Aprons for Kids

One More Idea

Need a gift for grandparents, a favorite aunt or a good friend? Consider uploading photos for a personalized calendar. Greenerprinter.com uses recycled papers and lets you upload images, add captions, see a PDF proof and order online, all for $16. Whether it’s photos of the kids in every season or your favorite pics from your girls’ vacation, you can give a year’s worth of memories.