Vertical Storage for Canning Jar Rings

With a few wooden dowels and some vertical storage space, you can store canning jar bands in an easy-to-access and convenient way.

| June/July 2015

Storing Canning Jar Lids

Canning jar rings can be tricky to store. Here’s one solution.

Photo by Bethany Schatzke

For years, my husband and I kept the rings for our canning jar lids in a box in our pantry. I always found this method untidy, however, and I could never find the type of ring I needed. I figured there had to be a more efficient means of storing them. I wanted to have quick and easy access to the jar rings — both for when they’re needed in the kitchen and for putting them away when not in use. I also wanted to take advantage of underused vertical storage space, if possible.

I mulled it over, and as it turns out, all we needed for our storage solution was a few small wooden dowels and a drill. We already had both in the garage.

 My husband drilled holes the same diameter as the dowels into one of the beams in our pantry wall. We inserted the dowels into the holes and — presto! — we had instant pegs for storing canning jar rings.

Bethany Schatzke
Billings, Montana

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