Would You Heat a Room With a Heat Grabber?

Reader Contribution by Heidi Hunt
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Most of us prefer to heat and cool our houses or apartments with simple-to-use machinery such as furnaces and air conditioners. The next level of difficulty in heating might be the use of a woodstove for heat, or opening and closing windows for cooling. But you can go one step further and build a heat grabber.

A heat grabber is a simple box, painted black, that hangs outside of a south-facing window. The box is hollow and insulated. The sun strikes the black flat face, heats the air inside the box and the hot air flows naturally up and into the room. Some folks add a small fan to the unit to move the air further into the room, but it can be used effectively in a small room even if you don’t use a fan.

So, would you be willing to build and use a heat-grabber box to heat a cold room in your house? If so (or not), tell us about it in the comments section below.