Keep Your Woodpile Tarps from Blowing Away

A woodpile tarp can sometimes have a mind of its own. Get your firewood tarp to stay in place, even during harsh winter winds, with this clever tip.

| December 2015/January 2016

I cut and split firewood each fall and set it outside to dry until the following fall, at which point I store it in the cellar for that heating season. Throughout the years, I’ve tried many ways to keep protective tarps from sliding off my woodpiles, but I’ve had little success. I’ve tried ropes, old tires, lumber and bungee cords. None of these items was able to stand up to storms, they were time-consuming to install and remove, and I always ended up with a tarp blowing in the wind.

I’ve finally come up with a system that works well. I use a screw gun to screw 3-inch vinyl squares (cut from siding scraps) through each grommet on the tarp and into the logs. I use two pieces of vinyl for each screw. If I need to attach the tarp at a point without a grommet, I can put a screw with the vinyl squares through the edge of the tarp or double the tarp over.

I’ve used this method for four years now and haven’t had one tarp come loose. By the time cold weather comes back around, my year-old firewood is well-seasoned and dry. As an added bonus, the vinyl siding squares are strong and don’t break down in the sun.

John Bragg
Canaan, Maine

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