Make Personalized Seed Packets

Make seed sharing even more fun by creating a custom seed packet design.

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by Lucy Maiolini Heft
Design your own seed packets for sharing or selling treasured heirloom seeds.

Creating personalized seed packets can add a unique touch when gifting seeds. Learn how one reader made customized packets for family and friends.

I enjoy saving seeds, and I can track some of my plants back 10 generations. My friends frequently ask for my seeds, so I used to share them in jars or envelopes. I decided, however, that I could do more to make this gift a unique reflection of me.

I grabbed an old seed packet and took it apart to create a template. (You can also download a seed packet template.) I had fun creating the seed packet design. If you tackle this project, you’ll really be able to allow your personality to shine.

I don’t have a scanner, so I went to a nearby store to scan and email the seed packet template to myself. Now I can print off as many packets as I want. People love to receive my seeds as gifts, and I also market the DIY seed packets at my vegetable stand, where they sell pretty well.

Lucy Maiolini Heft
Swanton, Vermont

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