Kidnetic Crib Mobile

Amuse the tiny tot in your life by simply using cookie cutters to build this kidnetic crib mobile.

| February 14, 2014

Kidnetic Mobile completed

This version of the kidnetic crib mobile lets you use cookie cutters to draw the mobile figures.

Photo by Lightbox Images Photography

Anyone looking for versatile, modern and inexpensive furniture has to look no further than PlyDesign (Storey Publishing, 2012) by Philip Schmidt. Schmidt, a former carpenter, offers toys, games and furnishings suited for everyone. Each design is crafted using plywood, or a number of other readily available sheet materials. The following excerpt is a simple kidnetic crib mobile.

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Kidnetic Crib Mobile

Designed by Christie Murata, adapted by Kathy and Philip Schmidt 

Delighted, fixated, entranced, giddy, zoned out, amused, bewitched... any of these enviable states of mind fairly describes a baby caught in the spell of a mobile. And the best kind of mobile is moved by the silent forces of air and gravity (not a wind-up model that spins in one direction while playing off-key snippets of Mozart). The traditional mobile shown here is a simple adaptation of one of the designer’s more elaborate originals, pieces that require considerable skill with a scroll saw, not to mention an artist’s attention to detail. This version lets you use cookie cutters to draw the mobile figures and a jigsaw to cut them out. But don’t worry — a quick Internet search yields thousands of different cookie cutters for sale, so your own mobile will be anything but, you know, cookie-cutter. 


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