Common Knitting Mistakes: Frogging (Ripping Back)

Ripping back stitches is often called frogging because saying 'rip it' repeatedly sounds like 'ribbit'.

By Susan B. Anderson
September 2016

Cover courtesy Artisan Books

In Susan B. Anderson's Kids' Knitting Workshop (Artisan Books, 2015) the author sends the message that anyone and everyone can knit. The patient and engaging instructions are geared towards children 8-12 but can help anyone of any age learn the basic skills of knitting. This excerpt comes from chapter 5 "Fixing Your Mistakes."

Photo by Fotolia/luda

Ripping Back

Ripping back means taking the needles out of your work and pulling out lots of stitches at a time and then putting your needles back in to continue. Sometimes you need to go way back to a certain spot, or sometimes you have to pull your work all of the way out and start again. This might seem a little scary when you just start knitting, but once you get more practice, you will feel more comfortable ripping back to correct mistakes.