Embroidering Allium Flowers

Create beautiful floral embroidery to embellish just about anything.

| January 2018

A celebrated Japanese textile artist and avid gardener, Embroidered Garden Flowers: Botanical Motifs for Needle and Thread(Roost Books, 2017), by Kazuko Aoki brings the vibrancy and brilliance of the flora and fauna seen throughout her garden to needle and thread. Each of her patterns are presented with care and realistic detail including buds, blooms, roots, seeds, and accompanying insects for the plants. The following excerpt is from the “Rose” section

Family Amaryllidaceae / Scientific name: Allium / Also known as flowering onion

Native to the Northern Hemisphere

Height 1–5 feet

Bloom Time April to June

Clumps of small flowers form a globe shape, blooming like an exploding firework. Each flower has six petals, which open out from the center at regular intervals.

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