Build Your Own Playground, Let Your Children Play

Reader Contribution by Adam Lafferty

Like many of us, recess was my all time favorite subject at school. Who didn’t love the playground? I loved heading outside after lunch or going down to the neighborhood park and going up and down the slide, playing in the sandbox and seeing how high I could swing on the swings. (Over the bar, maybe?) Nowadays, though, most children spend so much time indoors watching TV and playing video games that they never want to get off the couch and slide or swing or build sand castles anymore.

Well, it’s summertime once again, and what better way to get your kids outside than to recreate that feeling right in your own backyard? This tutorial can show you how to build your own playground complete with a slide, a swing set and a sandbox. All you need is a big yard (big enough to accommodate a 12-foot-by-16-foot-by-20-foot recreation set), the right tools and the right materials and your kids won’t have any excuse not to go outside anymore.

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