Build Your Own Retro Patio Furniture

Retro patio furniture never goes out of style. The wooden lawn chair and retro chaise lounge fit the decor of any patio, porch or backyard.

| August/September 2001

Retro patio furniture never goes out of style. "Retro," in this case, is a term applied to contemporary items that incorporate design elements from the 1930s through the '60s, before design took a turn toward cinder stone architecture and avocado appliances. Like malt shops and sock hops, retro is pure Americana. The wooden lawn chair and retro chaise lounge featured in this article are heavily influenced by 1960's design concepts. They are fun, functional, and easy to build. So, what are you waiting for? Who knows? Maybe Elvis will come for a visit. Get out your saber saw and crank up the rock 'n' roll, but don't get any sawdust on your blue suede shoes.

You can also download PDFs of the plans: Wooden Lawn Chair PlansWooden Lawn Chair and Chaise Lounge Plans 1 (Illustrations A and B) and Chaise Lounge Plans 2 (Illustration C).

Retro Wooden Lawn Chair

The Frame

• Create a 1-inch-by-1-inch grid pattern on one of the 8-foot redwood 2-by-12s. Recreate the curves full scale on the board.

• Cut out the shape using a saber saw.

• Use the cut-out shape as a template and trace the shape on the remaining 8-foot 2-by-12 and cut it out.

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