Best way to sharpen an axe?

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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I finally got around to sharpening my favorite Chopper 1 axe by taking it to our neighborhood hardware store. There’s some good comments on the danger of aggressive grinding that might help those who have never tried such a task. I’ve considered buying a grinder to do this on my own, but learned the hard way when I was a kid that grinding is a one way street, and ruined a cheap, Chinese star before I knew any better.

Anna has an update on a new cover crop we’ve been experimenting with called oilseed radishes. An easy way to add organic matter to your garden while keeping the weeds under control.

One of our DIY projects this past week was a 5 gallon honey strainer. A cheap and easy way to filter out your wax.

 Finally, we’ve got some details on how you can get a free ebook on making your own quick hoops, which has really worked out well in helping us extend our growing season.

Mark Hamilton blogs about homesteading experiments with his wife Anna Hess over at They pay the bills by making and selling their own POOP-free automatic chicken waterers along with cheap DIY kits.

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