Try This: Inner Tube Wood Carrier

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Photo By Susan Wasinger
This garden carryall can stand up to the pokiest sticks and sharpest tools without flinching.

Recycle inner tubes, carry wood

This tough trug is made to do the hard work in the garden: It’ll carry your garden loppers, hedge clippers, bow saw, prunings and clippings–as well as your prize peonies. Made of virtually indestructible rubber from a discarded truck inner tube, it’s simple to use. Just lay it flat, pile in the stuff, bring the handles together and you’re off.

1. Start with a truck-size inner tube (tire stores often have one or two destined for the dumpster). Don’t worry if the inner tube has a hole; you’ll be cutting it up anyway. With scissors, cut out a section that’s about 14 inches at the top and 18 to 20 inches at the bottom. Cut the top edge open.

2. Lay the section open flat and measure for the placement of grommet holes. The holes should be centered on the top edge about two inches down and eight or nine inches apart. Mark the spot, then cut a small “x” with the scissors and round it into a hole about 3/4-inch across. There will be four holes, two at the top edge of each side of the trug.

3. You can buy a grommet kit at the hardware store that contains all the tools (the anvil and the punch) you need, plus an assortment of grommets. We used #4 grommets with a hole size of 1/2 inch. Follow your grommet kit’s instructions to reinforce the holes in the rubber. Work on a solid surface. With the anvil under the hole, (a) place the grommet post up through the hole, (b) place a grommet washer (rounded side up) over the post, then (c) place the punch in the hole and tap it firmly and repeatedly with a hammer until the grommet is sealed. Repeat for all holes.

4. Feed a 14-inch section of 3/8-inch wooden dowel through the grommets on each side to form the handle. The dowel should go in the first hole from the outside and then out the next hole at the other end. The handle will then be “inside” the trug when you’re carrying it to protect your knuckles.