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Tim Young, Farm Marketing and Business Advisor

Name: Tim Young

Occupation: Farmer, Author, Consultant

Place of Residence: Georgia 

Background: Tim Young is the founder of the Small Farm Nation Academy and author of eight books on farming and self-sufficient living.


Tim was drawn to farm life from the corporate world when and founded a sustainable livestock farm, which marketed grassfed beef, pastured poultry, woodlot pork, and other products to consumers throughout Georgia. Later, Tim began milking Jersey cows, produced farmstead cheese, and became an award-winning cheesemaker, winning awards at the United States Cheese Championship, the American Cheese Society’s annual competition and at the World Jersey Cheese Awards in England and South Africa.

Current Projects: Tim has a popular podcast at Small Farm Nation where he helps smaller, sustainable farmers to learn the business and marketing skills necessary to make their farm businesses profitable. He founded the Small Farm Nation Academy, an online membership site, that provides video training and a member forum on issues related to marketing farm products.