RD Copeland, Off-Grid Bed and Breakfast Proprietor

Name: RD CopelandRD Copeland Off Grid Bed And Breakfast Proprietor

Occupation: Farmer; Writer; Promotions and events manager; Bed and Breakfast proprietor 

Place of Residence: Antelope, Texas

Background and Personal History: RD was born on the ranch, studied away at college, became a corporate-America dropout and is now a Jack of All Trades

Current Projects: RD is building an off-grid weekend B&B retreat with straw bale and earth plaster cabins, fresh organic meals, permaculture instruction, workshops and more! Email him for info at rdcopelandjr@yahoo.com.

Other Fun Facts: RD is an old sawdust scatterer from way back. Think Hank Williams, Sr., and Dwight Yoakum music, a big dance floor and Saturday night.

More Places to Find RD on the Web:

RD’s Facebook Page


Email RD at rdcopelandjr@yahoo.com