Pamela Sherman, Regenerative Food Growing Educator and High-elevation Homesteader

Name: Pamela ShermanPamela Sherman Seed Saving Educator

Occupation: Regenerative Food Growing Educator, Writer, Event Organizer

Place of Residence: 8,300 feet in the Colorado Rockies near Boulder

Background: Pamela lives with her husband, Steve, in a fiercely windy, nearly treeless draw on 5 acres at 8,300 feet in the Rockies on what was known since the late 1800s as “the old potato farm.” The original cabins burned in a recent wildfire — they now live in a passive solar house Steve designed. They grow most of the same species of crops as the pioneers who first homesteaded there and save seed as they did. But today they grow in an ever more regenerative manner.

They have an acre and a half of over 160 species of fruit trees and bushes, veggies, grains, beans, potatoes, and useful weeds. Pamela ferments, dries, and otherwise puts up food for the winter and to share with friends, especially during events like wildfire, a more recent regional flood, and other causes of power outages.

Pamela has a background in teaching and facilitates community workshops, dialogue, learning, networking, and events, most related to growing food regeneratively and saving seed. She holds certifications in permaculture and applied agroecology, and is a seed saving teacher trained by the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance.

Current projects: Pam and her husband also volunteer as seed stewards and heritage grain trial growers with the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance (RMSA).

She serves her community as a regenerative food-growing, seed-saving education writer and organizer, networking and creating regenerative food-focused connections and events with a range of organizations.

Other Fun Facts: Pamela has been a professional storyteller of nature-based stories from around the world.

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Photo by Ania Ozimek Poisson