Miriam Landman: Sustainability Advocate

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Miriam Landman, Sustainability Advocate 


Miriam Landman is an experienced sustainability advisor, writer, editor and educator. Her primary areas of expertise are green building, green living and sustainable communities. Miriam is the founder of M. Landman Communications & Consulting and publisher of TheGreenSpotlight.com, and she was formerly a reporter and producer for public radio’s Living on Earth program. She has been involved in environmental endeavors for more than 20 years. 

The goals of her work are to communicate and facilitate positive actions for sustainability. She is passionate about building people’s awareness of effective solutions to environmental problems, and providing the practical guidance, information, and tools that people need to put green principles into practice. 

Miriam was a contributing author for the book Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing (Island Press, 2007), and her articles and commentaries have appeared in numerous print and online publications. In addition to her MOTHER EARTH NEWS blog posts, her writing has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Natural Home magazine, Environmental Design + Construction magazine, and on GreenBuildingAdvisor.com, GreenHomeGuide.com, KQED.org, and ENN.com. She has also written technical documents on environmental topics for various government agencies, companies, and nonprofits, such as the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, Environmental Defense Fund, David Brower Center, and the City of San Francisco’s Department of the Environment. 

Prior to founding M. Landman Communications & Consulting, Miriam was senior associate with Simon & Associates Green Building Consultants, based in San Francisco. While there, Miriam consulted on numerous residential, commercial, public, nonprofit, and mixed-use building projects. Among those were more than a dozen LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings, most of which achieved the LEED Gold rating. 

Earlier in her career, she also worked for Davis Square Architects in Boston and for several nonprofit environmental organizations, including Global Green USA, ICLEI, and the Resource Renewal Institute.  

Miriam has a master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Policy (and Planning) from Tufts University, and a bachelor’s degree in Community Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is also a LEED Accredited Professional. She presents workshops on a variety of environmental topics, has taught a university course, and has lectured for classes at UC Berkeley, Sonoma State University and the College of Marin. 

On a more personal note, she’s always had an affinity for the countryside and a fondness for animals, and she has developed a strong interest in sustainable agriculture. Miriam has worked on a horse farm in Michigan (where she grew up) and at a goat dairy and an organic vegetable farm in California. Though she was an urbanite for many years, she now lives in the rural northern outskirts of the San Francisco Bay Area, with her husband and their dog. 

For more information about Miriam and her work, please visit www.MLandman.com.   

Also check out her daily links and brief posts on The Green Spotlight’s Facebook page.

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