Lee Bentley, Back-to-the-Land Designer Craftsman

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Lee Bentley, Back-to-the-Land Designer Craftsman

Name: Lee Bentley

Occupation: Designer/Craftsman/Peasant

Place of Residence: Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

Background and Personal History:

Lee was an instructor in the art department at a college in Florida until 1972, when, partially as a result of reading Mother Earth News, he decided to start a whole new chapter in his life. Lee cashed in his teacher’s retirement fund, packed everything into a travel trailer and headed west. His vision was to live the life Thoreau and others had portrayed, to build his house and make a living as a craftsman.

Forty years later, Lee rebuilt an adobe ranch house, raised a family and made a good living as a designer/craftsman. At this point in his life he feels the need to give back, to offer his experiences as encouragement to those people who read Mother Earth News.

Current Projects: Primal Care Skin Products, made from buffalo tallow. This is a cottage industry Lee and his family make in their kitchen to market online.

Other Fun Facts: Lee trades his pastured eggs for home-cooked food made by his neighbors.

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