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Laura Dell-Haro

Laura grew up on a small dairy farm in rural Gage county, Nebraska. She was nurtured by generations of gardeners, farmers, and homemakers in the practical and social arts of rural life. Lessons in jam making, growing beets, and barefoot summers were particularly successful.

Laura graduated from Manchester University in 2009 with a degree in Peace Studies and a strong interest in the relationship between people and nature. She spent the next few years working in gardens with kids through Brethren Volunteer Service. Her position as director of the St. James Children’s Garden in Cincinnati cemented her perspective on social interdependence and the necessity of including people in the equation of a healthy ecosystem. With this especially in mind, Laura jumped at the chance to work with MOTHER EARTH NEWS as an editor for about a year.

Her aspiration is to, someday, run a small nursery that specializes in regional native plants and youth education. She also enjoys reading novels aloud, embroidery, genealogy, pie, and getting dirt under her fingernails.

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