Kathryn Griffin, Solar-Powered Homesteader

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Kathryn Griffin, Solar-Powered Homesteader

Name: Kathryn R. Griffin

Occupation: Web Content Writer for Attorneys

Place of Residence: West Fork, Arkansas

Background and Personal History: Kathryn has been writing since she could hold a pencil; there are hundreds of ideas in her mind that she hopes to one day have the time to turn into books. At this juncture, she’s working on shorter e-books on a variety of self-sufficiency topics such as solar power, saving food, creating a sustainable home environment and raising farm animals.

Current Projects: An e-book titled Solar Simplified

Other Fun Facts:  Kathryn’s husband is a solar installer and building contractor; they have two boys (13 and 25), a Great Pyrenees puppy, two spoiled quarter horses, seventeen chickens and a yellow tabby cat who believes she is queen of the entire farm. Kathryn loves riding her horse, tending her rose garden, growing a vegetable garden and reading anything and everything. Unfortunately, she has to interrupt those activities to make a living and do the usual cooking and cleaning! She also makes and sells homemade vanilla extract, which makes her garage look a little like a moonshine still. 🙂

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