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Face Your Farmer: Jayson Vaughn and Ryan Arndt

Face Your Farmer connects people in cities to those in rural areas who are our Farmers. We strive to build communities without borders and remove the veil of mystery that separates people from farms.

In this age we face seemingly insurmountable problems with food security, food freedom, and awareness about how food gets from farm to table. With a dwindling oil supply, local economies are becoming a necessity. We explore this new economic reality.

Face Your Farmer chronicles the journey of an organic farmer and a farm-shy tech enthusiast across five Canadian provinces and countless rural and urban communities. We will bridge this gap through education, advocacy and fun!

Share our adventures with us and get involved as we prepare to Face Your Farmers.

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Jayson Vaughn

Occupation:  Organic Farmer, Educator, Writer, Consultant 

Place of Residence:  Canada 

Background and Personal History: I am an organic farmer, writer, educator, consultant and part time activist. I try to live sustainably and gently on our planet and believe in living simply, so others may simply live. 

I have made the transition from working for corporations to farming.  Fifteen years ago, exhausted from another twelve hour work day in the city, I realized there had to be a better way.  I had always been interested in living more closely to the land and began to research how to live more sustainably.

During this time many issues came to my attention: GMO foods, food labeling, food freedom, the environmental impact of industrial farms, and food security issues, to name but a few.  What became clear to me is that we need to find a better way.  Rather than become hopeless and defeated, there are small actions that we can take each day in this time of transition.

Through learning how to ‘Do it Yourself’, grow food and live more sustainably, we can all make a difference. Sow the seeds of hope — even a backyard garden makes a difference.

Other Fun Facts: When not farming or thinking about how to make the world a better place, you might find me outside in nature, paddling, hiking or back-country camping.  I enjoy painting, reading, building things, and connecting with different people and learning their story.  

One day I would like to find a way to produce all my own food and build a completely self sufficient and sustainable homestead. I’ve learned that fresh cream from a jersey cow and blackberries picked from the wild make the best ice cream ever.

Ryan Arndt

Occupation:  Social Media/Community Manager 

Place of Residence:  Canada 

Background and Personal History: I grew up in the suburbs of Edmonton, Canada, and did not know what fresh orange juice tasted like until I was 18. I am very curious about how food gets to my plate and am everyday learning more about being  independent and sustainable with my food. I have grown basil from the grocery store and had it die on me too. I have a LOT to learn.

Formerly an educator, as well as an audio designer with 15 games under my belt, I have worked with numerous online communities with some very diverse populations. I work to engage and involve people around the world, supporting participants to better help each other. I listen to and support the community, keeping the information flowing on the social web and creating original content for video, audio, blogs, tweets, facebook updates, contests and more.

Other Fun Facts: I love how social media can change our world in a very real, and positive way. I believe the next 20 years are going to be messy as oil costs (and thus the cost of everything shipped) goes up. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, climbing and playing music with friends.  

I am soon to milk my first cow, eat my first egg directly from a farm, and sample more fresh food all across Canada. It’s new for me and I am very excited about it.