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Jason and Amanda Brengle, Homesteading Wyoming Rangeland Consultants

Name: Jason Brengle and Amanda Brengle

Occupation: Jason is a Rangeland Management Specialist and Amanda is a Health and Wellness Program Manager

Place of Residence: Cody, Wyoming

Background and Personal History: Jason, Amanda and their two daughters, Bridger and Blair, live on 20 irrigated acres outside of Cody, Wyoming. Both Jason and Amanda grew up working on family sheep and cattle ranches in northwest South Dakota. Jason has a Master’s of Science degree in Rangeland Ecosystem Science from Colorado State University and a Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Education/Earth Science from Black Hills State University. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Art’s from the University in Criminal Justice and Sociology with an emphasis in Pre-Law.

Jason has 15+ years of professional natural resource, vegetation, rangeland management, invasive species management and rangeland restoration experience. Jason is passionate about teaching people to manage small acreages. He’s an avid Do-It-Yourselfer who is skilled in welding, fabricating, woodworking, equipment operation and leatherworking. Jason believes having the confidence to try anything, even if you’ve never done it before is the key to successful homesteading.

Amanda has 9+ years of experience in prevention and wellness program and nonprofit management. Amanda enjoys spending time with the animals on their homestead. She has a passion for preparing nutritious food with ingredients harvested on their acreage. Amanda’s skills include Dutch-oven cooking, baking, cake decorating, and making goat’s milk ice cream. Amanda is an experienced horsewoman and loves spending time with her horses.

Jason and Amanda own The Happy Cowgirl, where they blog and offer freelance writing services and small acreage consultation.

Current Projects: Jason and Amanda are currently planning a DIY emergency livestock shelter, moving with animals, DIY portable livestock shelter, homestead design and planning, dairy goats, poultry, and designing a minimum chore chicken house.

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