Jan Dohner, Livestock Guardian Expert

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Jan Dohner, Livestock Guardian Expert

Name: Jan Dohner

Occupation: author and researcher; Purdue University, BA; San Jose State University, MA

Place of Residence: Michigan

Background and Personal History: Jan Dohner lives on her family farm and has more than 35 years of hands-on experience with the use of livestock guard dogs for predator control. On their farm, Jan and her family use corgis as herding dogs and have raised Shetland sheep, Fainting goats, Morgan and Trakehner horses, and historic breeds of chickens and turkeys. They are also active beekeepers and organic gardeners.

Current Projects: Jan is also a researcher and writer concerned with historic livestock breeds and husbandry, as well as issues surrounding predator control and the use of livestock guardians. Over three decades, this work has led to meeting many knowledgeable and fascinating people around the world and serving as a delegate to the Third Global Conference on the Conservation of Domestic Animal Diversity.

Jan also works as a consultant for historic breeds, LGDs, livestock guardians, and predator control for print or online magazines and broadcasting, including Modern Farmer, Mother Earth News, NPR, CBC Radio, and others. She makes presentations on livestock guardians and predator control at various conferences, including the American Livestock Conservancy, The Common Fair in Maine, the SVF Foundation, and the Michigan Sheepbreeders Association.

Jan is also a longtime member of the American Livestock Conservancy.


The Farm Dog: Herders, Guardians, Terriers, and Other Traditional Canine Partners. Storey Publishing, Sept 2016

Livestock Guardians: Using Dogs, Donkeys and Llamas to Protect Your Herd. Storey Publishing, 2007

Understanding Animal Predators: Protect Your Livestock, Poultry, and Pets. Storey Publishing, forthcoming April 2017

The Encyclopedia of Historical and Endangered Livestock and Poultry Breeds. Yale University Press, 2001

50+ print magazine and online articles

Jan is a board member, past president and current vice-president of the Kangal Dog Club of America; as well as chair of the KDCA Single Registration Committee for approval of new dogs into their open registry. She is also an active member of several Facebook communities, including Learning About LGDs, Kangal Dog Club of America, and numerous LGD breed groups.

Other Fun Facts: As an avid knitter, Jan believes a person can never have too much yarn!

More places to Find Jan on the Web:

Website: JanDohner.com

Facebook: Janet Vorwald Dohner

Twitter @JDohner

Jan’s daughter-in-law sells her farm and handmade products, as well as fleeces, roving, yarn, knitting kits, batting, and honey from Jan’s farm at her Etsy shop.