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Jami Cooley, R.N., Natural Health Expert

Name: Jami Cooley, R.N., C.N.W.C.

Occupation: Registered Nurse, natural health expert, Daily Editor at Natural Health Advisory Institute, LLC, and its flagship website www.NaturalHealthAdvisory.com, one of the country’s leading providers of validated, scientifically-backed natural health information.

Place of Residence: near Dallas, Texas

All About Jami Cooley:  Jami became licensed as a registered nurse and received certification in Chemotherapy and Biotherapy received at M.D. Anderson hospital in Houston, Texas.  Early in her career, Jami used her training and passion helping cancer patients as an Oncology floor nurse at one of the large Dallas area hospitals. But she soon became disillusioned with the western medicine approach to healing involving the push of harsh pharmaceutical drugs as the first line of attack for most patients. Little emphasis was provided to cancer patients on the possible use of proper nutrition to enable the body to heal itself.

Intent on the desire to improve her patients’ quality of life, Jami began a personal quest to learn how to help people with their chronic health conditions using nutrition and natural healing therapies. She studied natural medicine from some of the leading doctors and nutrition experts in the country and later, became certified as a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant (C.N.W.C.). She then used her knowledge to educate the public and increase awareness on safer, alternative approaches to overcoming cancer and other chronic diseases.  Jami wrote and produced national health television programs and co-authored two books on natural health subjects.

Jami is currently a member of the American Fitness Professionals Association and the American Nutrition Association.  She is the featured researcher, writer and editor for Natural Health Advisory Institute where she uses her extensive medical and natural health background to help thousands of readers overcome their chronic health challenges with scientifically-based natural healing modalities.

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Jami uses her medical and nutritional background to translate complex medical issues into concepts the typical lay consumer can understand and put into practice. Here is where she can be found:

Current Projects:

How to Beat Depression Without Medication project: Jami writes on depression recovery frequently because this debilitating condition affects one in ten people in varying degrees of hopelessness, sadness, worthlessness, excessive guilt or just plain apathy. The good news is that depression has actual chemical and biological causes; that means the body can heal itself if given the correct raw materials to do so. Often though, an advocate, a close friend needs to help guide the person experiencing depression through the recovery process. Jami thoughtfully writes on all these influencing factors.

Natural Remedies for Osteoporosisproject: Jami is passionate about helping readers with this condition because natural healing therapies not only effectively halt the progression of osteoporosis but many times can reverse it as well. And they do so without any troublesome side effects. The condition is becoming more prevalent all the time – primarily because of our sedentary lifestyle and high carbohydrate diet. By 2020 it is estimated that half of all Americans over the age of 50 will have low bone density. Specific therapies which can be implemented by most everyone are described by Jami in the various blogs on this subject.