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Elizabeth Gatto, Conservation and Humane Wildlife Removal Advocate

Name: Elizabeth Gatto

Occupation: Web Designer and Animal Blogger

Place of Residence: San Diego, California

Background: Elizabeth is a lover of wildlife and promoter of wildlife conservation. She believes that all animals are fascinating creatures and that each has its own purpose on this planet. It is an unfortunate truth that humans are taking over many animal habitats as our population increases.

Wild animals have no choice but to adapt, which means they enter people’s homes, which can lead to people and animal conflict. Elizabeth understands that people don’t like sharing their homes with animals for a variety of reasons. Wild animals cause damage to personal property, they are noisy, can bite, scratch and leave poop.  They can also carry the risk of hosting parasites and diseases that are transmissible to pets and humans.

Therefore, people often kill wild animals in their home without consideration of the animal’s life.  Elizabeth’s goal is to promote humane nuisance wildlife removal so people know there are alternatives to needlessly killing wildlife. It is possible to respect nature as well as maintain safety in your home.