David Burns, EAS Certified Master Beekeeper

By Staff
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Beekeeping since 1994, David Burns began a hobby that exploded into a business that became Long Lane Honey Bee Farms in 2006. After making their first hive and selling it on eBay, David and his wife, Sheri, began a family business that now includes all their family. Besides making the beehives and selling equipment, David has developed and bred the Illinois Pioneer Queen that is being used by hundreds of beekeepers. David is an EAS certified Master Beekeeper and president of the Central Eastern Illinois Beekeeping Association. He is also a director of the State of Illinois Beekeeping Association as well as a state director for the Eastern Apicultural Society. He is the host of the beekeeping segment on the Wildlife Pro Network and writes a weekly blog at www.basicbeekeeping.blogspot.com. His beekeeping lessons can be found at www.honeybeesonline.com.