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Daniel Voran, a Man and His Hoe

Name: Daniel Voran

Occupation: Small-scale farmer

Place of Residence: Bow, Washington

Background and Personal History: When Daniel was a boy growing up in a warm fishing and lumber town at the southern tip of Japan, he dreamt of living where winter never came, where coconut palms stretched out over white beaches, and where he could go running into warm ocean waves all year long.

Despite his dream, Daniel ended up living much farther north than the northernmost tip of Japan, in a land where it never gets hot. Some may say it never gets warm and that there is no summer.

But Daniel’s never been happier. He is lucky to have acres to try and grow anything, with plenty of room for a flock of chickens, loving dogs, a purring cat, and the kindest husband who ever walked this gentle earth.

Current Projects: Daniel is raising chickens and produce.