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Bryan Johnson, Ecommerce Operations Specialist with DR Power Equipment

Name: Bryan Johnson

Place of Residence: Vermont

Background: Country Home Products and our brand DR Power Equipment was founded in 1985 with our signature product, the DR Trimmer Mower, an easy to use string trimmer on wheels. This iconic product was a hit, saving lawn and gardening enthusiasts time as well as back and arm strain.

The success of the DR Trimmer Mower not only launched DR Power Equipment but remains as a guide for making innovative, useful, time-saving power equipment.

Our growing company is headquartered in Vermont. We make our home here for many reasons, but mainly we want to surround ourselves with what we love a place of rural beauty with simple and traditional values. It’s here that we pursue our love of the land and are inspired with some of our best new product ideas.

Current Projects: In August of 2015, Country Home Products was acquired by Generac, a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of power generation equipment and other engine powered products. Were still the same folks here in Vermont, doing the same things, but now, with a bigger partner. In the near future we will be introducing a new line of roto-tillers and a family of innovative 3-point hitch tractor implements, always with the focus on helping folks care for their land and property.

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