Brooke Werley, Agrarian Trustee and Farm Chronicler

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Brooke Werley, Agrarian Trustee and Farm Chronicler

Name: Brooke Werley

Occupation: Farmer/writer

Place of Residence: Vermont

Background and Personal History:

Brooke Werley comes from the land of the supermarket outside Philadelphia, but she found a heartthrob in the growing life while WWOOFing in New Mexico. After some years vagabonding about and farming across the U.S. and Mexico, she decided to dig into the Champlain Valley of Vermont. Here, she’s managed farms of different scale and will be helping the 2013 season to start a new project on a small plot of land in Addison County. She carries with her the stories of those she’s met along the way, and tries to share as many as she can.

Current Projects: Agrarian Trust

More Places to Find Brooke on the Web:

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