Betty Taylor, Keeper of Bees and Myotonic Goats

Name: Betty TaylorBetty Taylor Persimmon Ridge Honey Farm

Occupation: Retired R.N., Retired copy editor, current beekeeper and homesteader selling her honey at the local farmers market, owner of Persimmon Ridge Honey Farm

Place of Residence: Williamsport, Tennessee

Background and Personal History: Betty has kept bees for eight years. She is a gardener and keeps chickens, guinea fowl and myotonic goats on 12 acres.

Current Projects: Betty writes Persimmon Ridge Honey Farm’s “The Beekeeper’s Blog”

Other Fun Facts:  Betty has started a small herd of fainting goats and has just become Grandma Betty to Avery, who will have a bee suit one day soon!

More Places to Find Betty on the Web:

The Beekeeper’s Blog

Persimmon Ridge Honey Farm’s Facebook page