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Abe Connally and Josie Moores, Off-Grid Desert Homesteaders

Name: Abe Connally and Josie Moores (VelaCreations)

Occupation: Off-Grid Homesteaders

Place of Residence: Chihuahuan Desert

Background and Personal History: Abe and Josie have been living off-grid for over 14 years. Together with their two sons, Leo and Nicky, they develop guides and books with a DIY approach to the unique problems of homesteading off the grid.

The couple started out in rural Texas, building an adobe home in the desert completely from scratch while living in a converted bus. They then went on to begin again in the high Chihuahuan desert. Through the years, they have experimented with a number of technologies and innovative approaches to the issues modern homesteaders face.

They document their adventures and research on VelaCreations.com. VelaCreations has been featured in Yahoo News, Newsweek, Popular Science, Make Magazine, Huffington Post, Treehugger, BoingBoing, and Earth911.  Their well-received how-to articles have won several contests and boast over 2.2 million views on Instructables.

Abe and Josie recently achieved the status of Amazon’s Bestselling ebook for sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry with their newly released Food Web: Concept, Raising Food the Right Way. Food Web is a concise and powerful management system that allows small-scale farmers to produce more from less. It focuses on integrating food production with local waste streams, creating a decentralized network of small-scale farm systems that are efficient, profitable, humane and sustainable.

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