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Shelby DeVore, Agriculture Educator and Agritourism Consultant

Name: Shelby DeVore

Occupation: agriculture teacher, agritourism consultant, animal scientist, gardener, homesteader, blogger, full-time momma

Residence: Western Tennessee

Background: Shelby grew up on a hobby farm in West Tennessee where she developed a love for animals and a strong appreciation for growing things. As a child, she spent many hours canning and preserving food that had been grown in the garden.

Shelby’s strong love for animals led her to attend Mississippi State University where she received a degree in Animal and Dairy Science. She had intentions of applying for veterinary school and spent years working in the College of Veterinary Medicine at MSU. It wasn’t until her senior year that she completed a research project with her reproductive physiology professor that she discovered her love of continual learning through research.

After graduation, she moved back home to work at the high school she graduated from. She built the agriculture program from the ground up. She taught classes in greenhouse management, plant and soil science, agriscience, large animal science, small animal science and biology. The FFA program blossomed and had competitive teams in all sorts of competitions from poultry judging and livestock judging to nursery and floriculture.

Shelby is pursuing a Master of Science degree on the side from the University of Tennessee in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management.

Current Projects: Currently, Shelby spends time creating articles for her blog, Farminence. She writes about projects she has going on and provides information to those interested in agriculture and homesteading.

Shelby works with education companies to create amazing agriculture content for agriculture teachers. She also works with companies to create study materials for college students who are interested in taking the certification tests to become agriculture educators.

Shelby has a strong interest in the agritourism business. As an agriculture teacher, she oversaw countless agriculture field trips to numerous agricultural businesses and farms. She understands the power behind education and feels it is imperative that more farmers and agriculture businesses open up to the idea of agritourism. She has started working as an agritourism consultant and helps farmers establish programs to increase visitors and promote the commodities the farms produce.

Shelby works with her husband and children on their small farm in West Tennessee.

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