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Raising Chickens, Raising Superstars with Pat Foreman

Bryan Welch, publisher of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, visits with Poultry Pioneer Pat Foreman and special guest, Oprah Hen-free, at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR on why chickens are “superstars” and an irreplaceable aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

Bryan and Pat cover topics like Heritage vs. Commercial Breeds, the nutritional value difference between industrial and free-range chicken eggshow far an egg travels to reach your plate and what drove Pat to write some of her books like City Chicks and Chicken Tractor.

Watch, listen and enjoy discovering the metabolic miracles of egg production and why “everyone should have some chickens.” After all, Pat says, “Once you get chickens, you’ll fall in love.”

Buy City Chicks and Chicken Tractor, by Pat Foreman, from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Book store


Follow publisher Bryan through the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR as he interviews some of the great minds in sustainable living.

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The MOTHER EARTH NEWS staff has been featured in videos covering topics from seed starting to skin toner. Check out our full collection of wiser living videos on our video page.

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