Writer’s Guidelines

MOTHER EARTH NEWS is a bimonthly magazine that promotes more self-sufficient, financially independent and environmentally aware lifestyles. Our readers range in age from the early teens to 90-plus. Some of our readers have been with us since 1970, others are brand new and eager to learn about living wisely. All told, each issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS reaches more than 1 million people across the United States and Canada.

From our readers, we welcome articles and quality high resoultion photographs for our “Country Lore” department. “Country Lore” presents handy how-to tips of 100 to 300 words; payment is $25 to $100 per published item.

Most of our feature articles are written by our Contributing Editors. We sometimes assign articles to freelance writers, particularly those who have experience with our subject matter (both firsthand experience and writing experience). If you would like to submit a query, please send  a one-page outline. Also send digital photos, if available.

Submissions for all of the above should be sent via e-mail to letters@MotherEarthNews.com. (Digital photographs must be high-resolution in order to publish.) To submit by U.S. mail, send materials to the address below.

Tips for potential contributors: Read our magazine, read our magazine, read our magazine. MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers comprise one of the most thoughtful, curious, industrious and engaged magazine audiences in the country. Since 1970, MOTHER EARTH NEWS has been an exemplary source of information about sustainable homesteading, organic gardening, real food, country skills, renewable energy, green transportation, natural health, environmental consciousness, and farming and livestock. Practicality is critical; freelance articles must be informative, well-documented and tightly written in an engaging and energetic voice. Don’t forget to read our magazine before you submit a query.

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Editorial Director: Marissa Ames

MOTHER EARTH NEWS cannot be responsible for returning unsolicited manuscripts, photographs, illustrations or other materials.