What Is a Solar Hot-Air Collector?

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What is a solar hot-air collector?

A solar hot-air collector can be used to heat your home with renewable energy. The general idea is that as air passes through the solar collector, the sun’s heat naturally raises the temperature of the air.

There are lots of different solar hot-air collector designs, but typically they consist of a shallow box mounted on an exterior wall of a building. The collector has an outer layer of glazing that’s exposed to the sun.

These devices are not the only type of solar heater. In addition to hot-air collectors, there are also hot-water-based solar heaters. One of our favorite DIY enthusiasts has experience with both. Gary Reysa, who runs the website Build It Solar, has written for MOTHER EARTH NEWS about two solar heaters he’s built — one based on heating water, the other a hot-air collector.

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— Megan Phelps, senior associate editor

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