Free Online Class in Renewable Energy Offered by Solar Energy International

Reader Contribution by Kale Roberts
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Are you trying to figure out if going solar is right for your home? Or, maybe a community wind power project has you concerned, since you do not have a background in renewable energy. The

reasons to become renewable energy-literate are many.

Thankfully, Solar Energy International is offering a free online course to get you up to speed.  Made up of ten lessons, you are able to save your progress and return to the course at any time for up to six weeks after you register.

Lessons include: 

1. Why Renewable Energy?
   2. Conservation & Efficiency                                 
   3. Green Building
   4. Solar Thermal
   5. Solar Electricity
   6. Wind Power
   7. Micro-Hydro
   8. Other Renewable Energy
   9. Renewable Energy for the Developing World
  10. Economics of Renewable Energy

This course is an introduction; you will not walk away an expert, but will have learned the basics of renewable energy and be able to decide which technologies are right for you.  Over 5,000 people have taken SEI’s free classes since they launched in 2010.

Upon completion with good quiz grades, students receive a printable SEI Record of Completion.

Classes are available in Spanish.

If you decide you want to take your training to the next level, SEI is launching a new, comprehensive Solar Professional Certificate Program this year to prepare students for a career in the solar industry.

Kale Roberts is an assistant editor at MOTHER EARTH NEWS. His interests include renewable energy, real food and sustainable rural development. You can find him on .

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