6 Refreshing Window Treatments for Your Bedroom

Reader Contribution by Paul Kazlov
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Window treatments always seem so simple, but they can be the hardest feature to get right in your bedroom. That’s because you’re usually dealing with a whole lot of fabric, which can easily overwhelm (or underwhelm) whatever room they’re in. To help kickstart your bedroom makeover, here are six refreshing window treatment ideas that can help create the perfect look.

1. Dramatic Sheers

“Dramatic” and “sheers” are two words that are rarely in the same sentence when talking about window treatments. After all, sheers are usually the option people go for when they want to add lightness, right? Well, you can have the best of both worlds when you go for sheers in an eye-popping color, like deep red. This is a particularly striking effect if your bedroom walls are a very pale color. You get all the drama that an accent color provides, but you still don’t have that heavy visual weight of more traditional drapes.

2. Go Big

If you have a large bedroom, graphic drapes can be a great way to frame your windows. The visual weight can really help fill your space, especially if you have a long expanse of wall that is looking a little bare. Thick stripes are always a sophisticated look, especially in black and white, or white and navy. If you want something a bit more unexpected, chevron stripes (in an ombre gradient, perhaps) are a great twist on a classic stripe. Or, try neural-colored panels with a bold accent stripe on the top or bottom quarter of the drapes.

3. Half-And-Half

Forget window treatments that run across or on either side of a window. Instead, it’s okay to do things halfway. Shades or fabric panels that start 3/4 of the way up a window, leaving the upper quarter bare, are a truly unique way to get plenty of light and privacy. This can be a great option for a small bedroom, as these fabric panels tend to be smaller than traditional drapes and won’t add too much visual weight. Plus, the light that filters in from the upper portion of the window will help make the room appear larger which is always a good thing.

4. Valance Balance

Okay, the word “valance” might make you think of your grandma’s house, but this is one window treatment that has come far over the years. For starters, skip the floral fabrics. In fact, you might want to consider not using a fabric with a graphic pattern at all. Instead, your valance should be sleek and straight, and covered in textured fabric in a neutral shade. The bold weave of the fabric will create all of the visual interest you need, while still keeping things modern and fresh instead of old and dowdy.

5. Hey Shady

Not a fan of curtains? Shades are a great alternative, and there are lots of options available that are so beautiful on their own that adding curtains on top of them would be a distraction. While many people particularly love the gentle, golden glow of honeycomb blinds, roman shades have really been capturing our attention lately. While this style can look bulky in heavier fabrics, roman shades in lightweight, textured materials can filter light beautifully while giving a room the  unique look you’ve been looking for.

6. Go Bare

Want a really unique window treatment? How about…none at all! Okay, this one might only be an option if your bedroom is on the upper floor, but the simple beauty of a well-crafted window with a beautifully-grained wooden frame is truly one of our favorite looks. I, particularly, love it when the window is coated in a simple stain instead of thick paint, so the natural look and feel of the wood can shine through. Rustic elegance at its finest.

I hope this window treatment primer has given you a few good ideas for how to update the look of your bedroom. Remember, this should be an accent to your room, so try to keep things relatively simple. Simplicity will also help your window treatments stand the test of time, keeping your bedroom looking fresh and up-to-date for years to come.

Paul Kazlov is a “green” home remodeling enthusiast and an industry pioneer for innovation in home renovation. Paul writes for the Global Home Improvement blog and strives to educate people about “green” products such as metal roofing and solar. Follow him on Twitter @PaulKazlov.