Vibrant Recycled Glass Vases from Z Gallerie

Reader Contribution by Susan Melgren and Web Editor
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While I love my silver, gray and black comforter, it has unfortunately given way to a rather drab black and white decorating scheme in my bedroom. While black and white does lend a classic feel, I’ve been looking for the perfect accent colors to energize my bedroom. Because I rent, adding color through wall paint is out of the question, so I’ve started looking for colorful accent pieces.

I love bright colors and glass vases, so naturally I was inspired when I ran across these recycled glass vases from Z Gallerie. The vases come in four fun colors–mango (orange), peacock (light blue), kiwi (green) and fuchsia (purple)–and three modern styles–Botella, Reiner and Onion.

Z Gallerie’s recycled glass vases come in four fun colors: (clockwise from top left) fuchsia, kiwi, mango and peacock. Photo Courtesy Z Gallerie.

At 19 and 12 inches respectively, the Onion and Reiner vases would both work well on tables, but at 40 inches tall, the Botella vase is better suited for the floor. The Reiner’s classic bottle shape lends itself to a traditional display of flowers, while the Botella’s tall, slender shape makes it perfect for tall blooms or foliage.

The vases are made from 100 percent recycled glass and are handcrafted, giving each vase a unique textured effect. The Onion and Reiner vases run for $29.95, while the Botella vase costs $39.95.