Re-Think Your Decor: Sustainable Furniture Made from Recycled Street Signs

Reader Contribution by Margie Monin Dombrowski
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If artist Boris Bally’s furniture collection had a catchy name it would probably be, “Caution: Really Cool Furniture Made from Recycled Street Signs Ahead.” Now, this isn’t your typical sustainable furniture with muted, calm colors. Bally’s designs take sustainable design to a whole new level, scruff it up a bit and give it some street cred. Using salvaged street signs and loud colors, Bally’s collection of hand-fabricated pieces get you to stop! and think about sustainability having no limits.

Transit Chairs by Boris Bally. Photo Courtesy Boris Bally.

Not just for the frat house-aesthetic, these Transit Chairs designed by Boris Bally make a major statement and can be a conversation piece for your interior space. They’re made from recycled traffic signs, champagne corks and steel hardware.

Pedestal Drums by Boris Bally. Photo Courtesy Boris Bally.

Pedestal drums have never been funkier than these, which were commissioned by Neiman Marcus in 2002 to be used as table bases in store displays. Each drum was hand-fabricated from recycled street signs and copper trivets, then given glass tops.

NYC Transit Table by Boris Bally. Photo Courtesy Boris Bally.

Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable and so too are subway signs. This graphic NYC Transit Table was designed using officially licensed MTA subway signs from New York City, champagne corks and hardware.

Bally’s pieces may be comprised of recycled materials, but taking bits and pieces of urban decay and making them sustainable is definitely a fresh idea.

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