6 Popular Sunroom Designs and Decor Trends of 2017

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Above image by R. Scott Javore & Associates LTD, original photo on Houzz

It’s a nice time of year to enjoy your sunroom. And if you don’t have one, now is a good time to start making plans for one, as these window-lined rooms are a real treat to spend time in when warm summer days seem like a distant memory. Called “Florida rooms” by many, they are filled with sunlight and bring a piece of sunny vacationlands to our homes during the colder months. Here are 6 of the most popular sunroom photos uploaded to Houzz this quarter, as measured by the number of people who have saved them to their Houzz ideabooks.

1. Quintessential Florida room style

It’s hard to resist this classic sunroom look. Tropical prints, extensive windows, rattan and bamboo furniture, and the pale blue ceiling bring sunny Florida up to Illinois year-round at this house.

2. Brick flooring

Rosen Kelly Conway Architecture & Design, original photo on Houzz

The brick flooring adds an outdoor element to this New Jersey room. It has many elements in common with the previous popular photo: the light blue ceiling, classical arches and transoms, and light British Colonial-style furniture you’d find in the Caribbean.

3. Interesting ceiling shapes

S.J. Janis Company Inc, original photo on Houzz

This space is a conservatory addition to a classic Tudor-style home in Wisconsin. The architecture of the sloped ceilings and cupola outfitted with transoms give the room a light and relaxed feel.

4. Layers of texture

Mike Schaap Builders, original photo on Houzz

Limestone flooring, a natural-fiber rug, a brick arch and a wood ceiling create a warm, comfortable retreat in this Michigan sunroom. Also note the arched French doors that allow for views through to the rest of the home and vice versa.

5. Contemporary lines

Gail Marsden Interior Design, original photo on Houzz

If a traditional sunroom can be called a Florida room, is the more modern or contemporary version a California room? I don’t know. But the rectilinear black windows and doors of the architecture set the tone for this contemporary room’s style. Low-slung deep sofas make this the most inviting spot on the property for a nap.

6. Fire

Domaine Development, original photo on Houzz

Style aside, there’s one more big thing to consider for your sunporch — a fireplace or wood stove. Yes, sunrooms are a lovely place to pretend the weather is warmer, but if all of those windows and doors are not energy-efficient, these rooms can be challenging to heat. We’ve seen an uptick in fireplaces and wood stoves in sunrooms lately. They make them a cozy spot for snuggling up with a hot toddy in the winter.

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By Becky Harris, Houzz.

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