Pinterest Inspiration: 3 Seasonal Centerpiece Ideas

Reader Contribution by Gina Debacker and Associate Editor
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If you’re looking for a last-minute centerpiece to adorn your Thanksgiving dinner table, look no further. We scoured the pages of Pinterest to find a few of our absolute favorite, nature-inspired centerpieces. Tie your home to nature with these gorgeous displays. They’re simple to create and will elegantly show off your craft skills to friends and family.


Tree Branch Candleholder

Repurpose a beautiful cut tree branch into a unique way to display tea lights. The decorating blog SAS Interiors shows you how to make this simple piece in just five minutes. All you need is a 1.5-inch drill bit. Finish off the display by surrounding the branch with foliage and light-colored table runner. Via SAS Interiors.

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Pumpkin Vase

Embrace autumnal colors with this one-of-a-kind centerpiece idea: a homemade pumpkin vase. If you never got around to carving that pumpkin from Halloween and it’s still sitting pretty on your patio, transform it into this gorgeous conversation starter. Jenny Hobick from the lifestyle blog Everyday Occasions hollowed out her leftover Cinderella-like pumpkin to showcase apricot roses, mums and wheat-looking stems. However, you can use whatever beautiful flowers you have already growing in your garden. Via Everyday Occasions.

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Herb and Olive Leaf Table Garland

Let the simple beauty of nature shine through with this herbal garland. Florists Jill Rizzo and Alethea Harampolis offer easy-to-follow instructions on the Country Living website. All you need is twine; thin green wire; and sage, rosemary and olive leaf branches, or another greenery of your choice. Fashion the fresh, aromatic leaves into a lovely garland and stretch it across the length of your dinner table for a decorative feast. Via Country Living.

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